Planet Aquapolis: This large ocean planet is one of the most fertile food planets on the Rim. The natives here protect their seafood resources with strict fleet and catch limits determined by stewardship-minded marine biologists. By “marine” we mean, they are Aquapolitan natives who are themselves an aqueous species.

The natives look like a large crayfish or lobster species, bodies held low and long on the ground when forced to walk out of the water. They have large powerful pincers, small grasping pincers akin to human hands, and ten swimming appendages underneath their powerful flipper tails. They have a tough segmented armor exoskeleton which is super light yet extremely tough.

Their cities are reminiscent of human’s space station designs, though flooded and domed to keep out large predators. Their warf/cities are most reminiscent of Old Earth 1.0’s Dubai Palm islands, with more canals and tunnels than land surface. Seafood buyers pop down to bid on catches, then handlers pop the foodstuffs up to orbiting warehouses or the cargo ships themselves.

Ceres’ mother AnneMarie enjoyed coming here to escape into the private island experience. The exact location of the Tarsis family island retreat is unknown, lost among the vast oceans and islands of the giant planet.