Brahma Prime

Brahma 3 is the original colony of the Brahma Star System. The colonists came from Sol, Earth, North America, Rhode Island.

Brahma Prime is the location of the Haunted Space Station.

The colony Arcology offloaded a small number of colonists who set to building their first space station out of a small moon-- really a captive asteroid-- orbiting the planet.

Landing craft placed advance parties on the planet who set about building the foundations on the chosen site for the Arcology. The impatience of the colonists in the cramped quarters aboard the Arc, proved a deadly flaw. They insisted on haste in moving the Arc to the ground stage.

During the landing phase, the Arcology foundation proved inadequate. The tower fell, killing the 990,000 residents aboard.

The moon and asteroid miners building the space station were thus cut off from their supplies of food and water in the Arcology. 9,000 moon colonists died, and 1,000 more in the space station. Thus was born the legend of the Haunted Space Station.

500 years later, the planet remains a memorial to the lost colonists of Brahma Prime. It is, therefore, banned from further colonization by the Galactic. The station in orbit, however, does draw ongoing attention as a destination for thrillseekers.

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