Moon Cheese and Stuff is a business started by one of the many entrepreneurs of the Tarsis bloodline.

Capitalizing on the modern interest in things of Old Earth, young Nic Tarsis provides authentic cheese from Luna, "the moon" of ancient legend, orbiting planet Earth 1.0. Under domes on the back side, away from Earth, Nic raises a herd of dairy cows of various varieties. From their milk he makes cheese in his facility, alos located upon the moon itself.

Thus, the young entrepreneur can honestly claim to sell legit Moon Cheese. And stuff.

The "Stuff" in question being logo items such as cheese cutters, photos of historical legacy sites, small vials of lunar regolith, etc.

The company advertises a "drop-ship" delivery method for those willing to pay a premium for a more exciting experience. Standard popper rates are also offered.

Hay, oats, clover, grasses and other foods are popped over from grow-domes on nearby planet Ceres. Waste products are returned providing fertilizer for the closed loop cycle.

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