Discovered in 2045 by legendary Scout Joshua Ng, Jubilee is a designated Galactic Planet of Natural Preservation. Hostels, tiny homes, and Yurts abound, each with self-contained systems. Trekkers only need pop down from the orbiting Trailhead Space Station, to enjoy meditating among the stunning natural views. Stellar Tours visits monthly on a regular route, picking up and dropping off vacationers.

With no vegetation to support colonists, the Galactic Confederacy of Worlds declared the entirety of planet Jubilee a Nature Preserve. This prevents most commercial activities including the strip mining of resources, which could destroy the natural beauty of the entrie planet. Non-invasive, metered tourist activities are the only business services permitted within the system-wide preserve's boundaries.

Holophoto © Maria Luisa Lopez Estivill, Dreamstime ID 36337859 [licensed use under subscription.]

Taken from deck of Waimea Canyon Yurt, planet Jubilee, year 2516.12.16

Planet Jubilee