Vättern is the name the Swedes chose for their first colony planet. Many of the members of the Arcology crew were from this region of Sweden. The beaches of their colony planet reminded the colonists of their homeland's famous beaches.

The iconic photograph, titled "Varamon Beach, Pearl of planet Vättern" was taken by scout Scorpion Aloft, hailing from Sweden. The 2D photo inspired the colonists to choose this planet, and later, to name the adopted beach once landed. The Colonists named their Arcology Ostergotland after the home region from Sweden which the Xardyon's lifted them off from. Upon landing on site near this location, Vattern's colonists dubbed the region of lands around their Arc city spire to be "Ostergotland" as well.

Scorpion Aloft was named the first planetary hero. The people of Earth's Ostergotland region decided to emigrate and thus survived the loss of Earth 1.0, due to their countryman's inspiration in naming the beach and planet he scouted after his homelands on Earth. Thus, Aloft saved his home town people. That's quite a hero!

This planet has four major landmasses scattered apart over the globe. Ostergotland is the northernmost of them. The planet has an average surface temperature of about 16.5 degrees Celsius.  Evidence suggests the average temperature has been falling over the last few hundred years. Moderate levels of geological activity erupts in several hotspots. Two of the continents are pushing together, building mountain chains and coastal seastacks.

Mineral resources are found in moderate quantities over most of the land, with some areas being especially rich and easy to mine. Most of the landmass of Ostergotland is covered in large tall conifers. The Colonists used these resources to build lodge homes to survive the harsh winter, designs familiar from their homelands on Earth.

Varamon Beach, Ostergotland Colony, Pearl of planet Vättern, pic by Scorpion Aloft, Scout-0

Varamon Beach, Ostergotland Colony, Pearl of planet Vättern, pic by Scorpion Aloft, Scout