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Scouts are Solman's heroes, grand explorers on the scale of Marco Polo or Leif Ericsson, the polynesean sailers... They travel to the next star system with a clear route, with the understanding they must be ready for departure 6 months later.

They drop drones around the system, down into planet's atmo, and eventually land their scoutship. Taking samples, they test the soils, find likely resource mining sites, farmlands, forests, document hostile and tasty flora and fauna. Some put their lives on the line and taste test local samples with their own tongues and digestive systems. A Scout may rarely make contact with some unknown alien species, obviously at a lower tech level or we would have heard their radio emmissions. So they set up trade contacts, and start a pidgin language. Or they may drop a quarantine beacon upon their hasty retreat. Whatever works. After 6 months, the Scout pops back through their company's pickup wormhole, files their report, and sells their data to the highest bidder. It is the ultimate in Real Estate development. Meanwhile, in the 2000's, Earth was freezing. To survive, man had to leave Earth 1.0 and live on many planets. The stakes were dire on a planetary scale. This is why Scouts are the Galaxy's first rockstar heroes.

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On occassions a Scout may stay longer on a planetary find. They send a drone back through the wormhole to report their updated plans. SOme find a mineral strike so rich they stay to exploit it and stake their own greater claim. Others fall in love with a planet and make it their home.

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