Growing up on Terran Tor, fraught with alien dangers,
      Only the strongest women survive. Those who rise to power,
             Lead their Matriarchal society, shaping the world.

Serenity set out to find a mentor, growing her secret abilities.
      She knew she could escape one pirate ship,
             But not... thousands of them!

Sensing the good, the compassion,
      The hero hidden within the pirate prince,
             Serenity put the thought into his mind to save her.
       *       *       *      *       *       *
If he survives his duel--the stakes: her life--
      She will give him a greater mission:
             Free not only her, but all the slaves.

Can she trust him?
     Lead him?
            Love him?

If he saves her body, can she save his soul?
      Can she stay her heart,
             From crashing into his, whole?


  Fainting damsel or fighting heroine?

A beautiful Amazon who's fought the fiercest creatures known to man, to earn her title of adulthood and right to choose a mate, She chooses instead to go in search of anyone who can train her secret abilities, who fends off pirates from abusing her after capture by using said secret abilities, who picks an ally out of the crowd and molds him into the hero she needs to free her and thousands of slaves, ultimately rescuing Him, twice, while judging his worthiness to bond with her mind, heart, body, & soul.

Serenity O'Share was born and raised on the Planet Terran Tor. Her people are legendary across the galaxy, knicknamed the fierce "Amazon's".

An Old Earth 1.0 colony from Ireland brought the usual million settlers to this wild location. The local fauna proved so deadly, most of the military and security personell landed were decimated in the first two waves. This skewed the population into a gross imbalance in favor of females about 60%, to 40% males remaining in the colony. Women took on most leadership roles.

From ariel platforms, the more dextrous female sharpshooters quelled the indigenous fauna enough that the colony could finally land on one of the larger island continents and begin farmsteading operations. Terran Tor assumed a matriarchal society which survives as such to this day.

During a mission trip across the Periphery Sector, Serenity was last seen aboard a luxury yacht named Wanderlust. This spaceship was captured in orbit by the Void Vikings pirate band during a raid on Shangri-La, the capital city of planet Nirvana.

Serenity has revealed little about her personal background. Ceres has been overheard referring to her as "my Sweet Red Strawberry," to which she responds favorably to him. It would be unwise for others to refer to her thusly, considering the two strong and protective personalities involved in this relationship.