A thrilling experience, the Haunted Station floats above Brama Prime.

This was once a bustling space station, filled with all the usual activity. Falling out of favor thanks to new development more conveniently located, the station fell into disuse and was eventually abandoned.

Young entrepreneurs bought the facility and refurbished it. Ensuring a sound, safe hull, they renovated to provide an exciting experience to Solmen seeking an unusual outing: a similated shipwreck and survival scenario, or a disaster site of your own making.

From our excursion launch ship, you will be shuttled over to a point near the station. We will vent the airlock and send you on your way, drifting towards your only hope- a clearly abandoned space station, drifting, dark and slient therough the endless night.

Your group will be responsible for getting through open space to land upon the station. From there, you will need to find entry. Is there an open hatch, or at least one your group is able to wrestle open? Please ensure no more than two of your party drift away, lost into open space. We may not be able to rescue more than that. Eventually.

Finding entry, please enjoy exploring the dark interior of the station. If you can find illumination sources, please use the batteries you have brought along to power them. Oops.

Your lunch will be served in the mess hall at the far end of the station from your entry portal. Please make haste to find it or your food will be cold to the point of frozen solid. Clock's ticking. Of course you can't hear it, as most of the station is exposed to hard vacuum.

Please take care: if you find a sealed portion of the station, opening it my blow you out into space. Again, we can only assure rescue of up to two of your party.

Be advised: the last party was unable to recover the bodies of two of their party guests. If you see them, please bring them along or pop them out the nearest open arilock. Thanks.

If you can manage to find power sources, atmospheric canisters, and seal an airlock, please enjoy your meal. We assure you we will return to pick you up... within the week.

Oh, about those random noises. We think there is some kind of rodent family loose in the sealed parts of the station. We havent been able to catch or exterminate them, yet. If you do manage to catch one or more rodent, feel free to add them to your food supply, alive or dead.

See you next week. We hope you will enjoy your stay... forever.

(c) Copyright, 2018, Gravity Well Press

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