Tyrian Tauri is insane.  He has led the Void Viking pirate band from obscurity to total control over the Periphery, a backwater Outer Rim sector.  Using myriad drugs and alcohols collected by his pirate raids, and degenerating into slavery and murder, holocaust and plunder, has warped his mind into thinking himself a king like the Viking kings of ancient legend.

Tyrian prefers to send forth his henchmen into the early waves of battle. He observes the enemy's fighting style, picking the right moment to swoop in for a powerful attack to devestating effect. He is not concerned with losing key henchmen to the cause. He feels he has too many ambitious men who would relish the chance to take his throne, so he spends them at will to prevent any coups.

Tyrian's main ambition in the Periphery Sector is to become known as the one greater than a king.